Friday, June 4, 2010

If you show up to the date and you're ugly...I'm leaving.

Whether we want to admit it or not, physical attraction is a BIG DEAL! So, don't misrepresent yourself. The Internet is a vast ocean of dating potential. We network online, meet people, get to know their entire lives by their facebook wall posts, and ultimately decide we want to take that next step of meeting "in person" by what they type and how their picture looks. So, if that picture is from 1998 when you were graduating high school, don't post it like it was taken yesterday. I guarantee when your date shows up to that quaint Italian restaurant you decided to take her to with an extra 20 pounds on your gut and a few gray hairs in your beard, she's gonna be running for the hills. It gives us the impression that you are a liar, a player, and no woman wants to KNOWINGLY go into a relationship like that. I get that it is all about putting your best foot forward, but sometimes that foot needs to stay in the boot, with a sock on....a really thick thermal sock.

Same goes for all you friends out there who think it will be fun to set us lowly single people up on blind dates. The whole "He's got a great personality!" is a red flag that this guy is gonna need a paper bag over his face to be able to be seen in public with me. I love when my friends use the word "cute". What does that mean really? He looks like a poodle? Or maybe he just isn't good looking enough to be considered "HOT" so we have to use the word "cute" as in he's not COMPLETELY ugly. Just give it to me straight people.

There's someone out there for everybody. I am just not your someone. So, don't misrepresent yourself because if you show up to the date and you're ugly...I'm leaving!

Jenna Christopher

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