Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hello, Mr. Hamburger Meat!

The curve of his muscles tightened the black leather of his jacket around his bicep. I was enchanted by his smile and the way his lips would move across his teeth when he spoke to the burly man next to him. I moved slowly from my chair to approach, trying to come up with some order to the scrambled words in my head. I slinked across the floor, my black dress brushing my hips, sliding my hand nervously through my hair. I was close enough to hear their conversation now. My mouth was dry, my hands clammy. He rose from his seat, his strong hands stripping the jacket from his shoulders.

I stumbled backwards nearly tripping on the nubby gray carpet. His eyes caught my stare as my face twisted into a horrified expression. I couldn't register his look of confusion, blinded, the curling black hair of his chest was reaching for me, crawling violently out of his white cotton shirt like it had eaten the V-neck collar 2 inches from its original seam. I stuttered and turned my face away from his as I mouthed "OMG" to myself. Suddenly, he grasped my arm and said, "Hi. Ummmm, are you ok?" All I could muster was, "Uh, Hello, Mr. Hamburger Meat"

Jenna Christopher


  1. i started laughing half way through this!! lol. great attention to detail. <3

  2. This is great! You never cease to impress me with your writing, Jenna!